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Definition Of SEO

SEO, an acronym of Search Engine Optimization -in Spanish search engine optimization-, is the set of actions and techniques used to improve the positioning (visibility) in search engines of a website on the Internet, within the organic results in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.  For example, an SEO  company in Brisbane would want to rank on the first page with the  SEO Brisbane keyword.

To do this, search engines collect the list of pages on the web and sort it according to their algorithm. These algorithms are updated every so often to try to offer the user the results that are most suited to the search that has been done and that among the first ones of the list is not a manipulated text or spam.

For example, the latest updates made and announced by Google in their algorithms are those made in ‘Panda’ (2011), which penalizes those websites that contain duplicate content from other sites and sources; that of ‘Penguin’ (2012), whose objective is to penalize sites that use manipulative techniques, such as Spam SEO or Web Spam, to improve their rankings; and the one made in the ‘Colibri’ (2013), which can interpret the questions that users ask and, therefore, goes beyond the simple analysis of the words that make it up.

The search engines are based on more than 200 factors to position a web page. These factors can be internal or external. The external ones would be those that cannot be controlled and that depends mainly on the behavior that users have on that website, such as a site that is shared or not on social networks, such as the number of quality links that are linked, the number of visits you receive, the percentage of bounce.

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